What Do I Do After a Line-Of-Duty Death?

On behalf of the California Fire Foundation (CFF), we offer our sincere condolences for your loss. When a firefighter falls in the line of duty, it is a jarring experience for their colleagues and the families they leave behind. The Foundation understands the complex emotions and stressors that follow such a tragedy.

The following resources -- also available in this PDF -- provided by CFF at no cost to the recipient, are intended to support California’s fire departments, local firefighter organizations, and surviving families in the immediate aftermath of a LODD.

Here are a few things you can do …





LODD Initial Check List: Compiled by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundationthis check list helps determine what needs to be done immediately, before and during the funeral, and longer term.

Request LODD Notification via our email, website and social channels

  • Please include a photo and bio of your fallen firefighter that we can share, as well as Memorial Service details, if/once available. Submit Your Request Here
  • An email will be sent to California Professional Firefighters’ (CPF) 30,000+ members, with a similar notification posted across our social media channels and website.

California Firefighters Benevolent Fund

  • Submit a claim for immediate support. Benefit Levels Application (email your completed application to benevolent@cpf.org)
  • Upon a LODD determination, CFF provides a financial benefit — up to $5,000 — directly to the fallen firefighter’s designated beneficiary.